This workshop is limited to places. Refreshments and a light lunch will be provided.–reflexology.html


What the workshop involves:

There are seven rays of Reiki, you will be attuned to the first ray

You will learn about what Reiki is and the history of Reiki

You will learn about the Chakas and the aura

You will be shown techniques for scanning, cleansing and protecting the aura

There will be a guided meditation

You will learn the hand positions for self healing

You will be shown the hand positions for treating others.

After learning how to treat others you will both give and receive a full treatment.

After the workshop:

You will be confident to give a treatment to friends and family.

you will know how to self treat an will have the amazing ability to channel Reiki for life

You will receive:

A Reiki level 1 manual & Certificate

Ongoing support and advice & invitation to free Reiki Share.

Investment: €150 (€50 deposit)