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Did you know that we slip in and out of trance quite naturally several times a day?

I am sure you have been watching a good movie before or listening to someone telling a story and have got totally absorbed in it and have lost track of time?  That is a trance state. 

Trance is a very natural and safe state and you remain in complete control and can be easily achieved as long as you can hear the guided relaxation.

I have a passion for my work and seeing the transformation in clients as we work together online and face to face. I have seen many transformations.  Maybe, an initial chat with me to explore hypnotherapy and your options is a start for you. 

Talk therapy can help with many emotional and physical conditions which are made worse by or caused by some level of stress or anxiety including insomnia, stress, anxiety, depression, fear, panic and much more, without the need to analyse past problems.

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Why go online for hypnotherapy?

When you need to stay at home or you don’t have time to travel, the good news is hypnotherapy can be provided online. It’s convenient, easy to access and just as effective as working face to face. 

This also means you do not need to be in the same area as me or even in the same country! 

As people are becoming more and more familiar with online learning, Zoom, Skype meetings etc the demand for online Hypnosis, Nlp Wellness Coaching and other modalities has increased. For many this can offer the support and the therapy needed without being face to face in person. Hypnosis and Nlp Wellness Coaching work as well and are as effective as face to face sessions. 


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