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Clinical Hypnotherapy & Holistic Therapies

Thank you for dipping your toe in Sole 2 Soul Therapies!

My name is Orla McKeown and I am a fully qualified clinical hypnotherapist, NLP, wellness coach and holistic therapist based in Wicklow, Ireland. I also provide online therapy for certain treatments and therapies. My work divides into two basic areas, clinical hypnotherapy and holistic treatments. 

I believe that one compliments the other and you may feel even more benefit from combining therapies at particular times, or all the time, just to feel calm and relaxed.

Clinical hypnotherapy is a flexible tool for solving mental and physical health issues. Many success stories regarding the use of hypnotherapy to quit smoking or manage weight issues and to help manage anxiety and stress show that hypnotherapy is successful in bringing positive and lasting change and creates new beneficial habits and motivation.

Holistic healing through therapies such as reiki, reflexology and massage, work on all levels of the body, emotional, physical, mental and spiritual to bring about a holistic (whole body) approach to the healing process.

Let’s look at some areas that can be helped and changed:

stress/anxiety • insomnia • infertility • migraine • backache digestive issues • circulation problems colic • muscular strain/injury • fibromyalgia • depression

Online Therapy

As people are becoming more and more familiar with online learning, Zoom, Skype meetings, etc.,  the demand for online hypnotherapy sessions, neurolinguistic wellness coaching and other modalities has increased immensely.
For many of us, online therapy services can offer the support needed safely and effectively.  Online Hypnosis and NLP Wellness Coaching therapy works as well as in person therapy sessions.  This also benefits those who are less mobile or have tight time constraints during their daily lives.

Combine Treatments

Combining treatments can create a wonderful feeling of well being and deep relaxation, and also enables you to avail of the best treatment plan for you in the most cost-effective way.

Gift Vouchers

Gift vouchers are available for all treatments and can be used for reiki workshops also.  All treatments require an initial consultation at no extra cost.  Every treatment is tailored to suit each person’s individual needs.








Hypnotherapy to Stop Smoking

I attended Orla for hypnosis to give up smoking.

I am proud to say I am 6 months a non smoker and thrilled that I decided to do this. She explained everything so well and the experience was truly relaxing and I would recommend her for anyone who wishes to give up smoking. 


Hypnotherapy for Anxiety

With Orla’s help and hypnosis I can now drive on motorways and over bridges which was a huge anxiety and phobia for me.

This has changed my life.

Thank you. 


Reiki & Reflexology

Over time, I have had many reiki and reflexology treatments, which have worked wonders, from Orla who is a very caring and wonderful therapist.


Holistic Massage Therapy

Orla is a wonderful Massage therapist. Before Christmas I went for a massage and it set me up after the difficult year of 2020. I “floated” home after it.



Orla is such a friendly highly professional lady.

I attended Orla for reiki over a period of 5 months she helped me through an extremely difficult time. I couldn’t of done it without her highly recommended.


Online Fertility Course

I thoroughly enjoyed the online course I attended last week on how to Boost my fertility.

It just makes sense. Thanks so much 



After my GP recommended Reflexology to help reduce my stress level and because I have diabetes I found Orla and have had a few really lovely sessions. She is chatty, warm, knowledgeable and very professional. 


Hypnotherapy for Self Worth

If you want to do the best for yourself, in terms of self-care, I highly recommend hypnotherapy with Orla.

You feel safe throughout the journey and awaken with a new sense of self-acceptance and love. 


Online Goalsetting Course

I have completed a few online courses with Orla and have enjoyed them so much. I am more confident and have clearer goals and more motivation.

I learned a great deal about goal setting and also about communicating effectively. This will help me greatly in my work. 


Reiki Training

I have just completed my Reiki Level 2 training with Orla and found it wonderful.

As usual Orla is a fabulous teacher and so natural at delivering her knowledge. I seem to just learn it by osmosis.

I attend Orla regularly as a reiki and reflexology client and just love the entire experience. 


Online Boost Your Mindset Course

I’ve just completed one of Orla’s courses and have already signed up for another.

In a short space of time I have learned so much from her and she is a wealth of knowledge and full of help.

I would definitely recommend working with her. 



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