being present in the moment. No thoughts of the past or the future. Only present thoughts and being non-judgemental. Begin to watch your thoughts without judgement.

Exercise to develop Mindfulness

Each day try to become aware of the present moment. The more you do this, the easier meditation will become.

Pick a time of day or an activity to consciously become mindful, for example:

* When showering each morning clear your mind and become aware of what is happening NOW. How does the water feel? How does your body feel? Any smells or sensations, shampoo, soap? Identify the feeling/emotion you are feeling and just accept it and observe it.

* Driving mindfully can be a different experience for the boring journey you take every day. Slow down, note what you see, observe your thoughts especially about other drivers.

* Mindful eating can make a meal taste much better and you will find you eat less.

* Mindful walking

* Mindfully brushing your teeth!

The list is endless, be creative!

This exercise is great if you find you just don’t have the time to meditate for some reason.

It is still focusing on concentrating your mind and keeping it in the present moment.