Massage has huge benefits for everyone!

Massage has huge benefits for everyone!

Many of us think of Massage therapy as a pure indulgence or a luxury we would like to be able to afford. It is only when you stop to think that way and understand the true healing qualities which massage can offer, you understand that the body can benefit in so many fantastic ways.

So what are the main benefits of massage?

Increased circulation throughout the body. This is great for addressing a whole host of health issues. Better circulation brings fresh oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. This allows them to reach optimal health very quickly.

Better flow of lymph fluid. This allows the lymph system to be far more effective in removing toxins and other pollutants. It breaks up the stagnant lymph fluid allowing the whole system to be freshened and cleansed.

Promotes deep, slow breathing. This is very beneficial to both the body and mind. Slow, deep breathing brings much more oxygen into the body. This is wonderful for your health. Oxygen is critical to every aspect of body operation. The more oxygen you have in your system the better. Deep, slow breathing also eases anxiety in the mind.

Helps the body recover faster from injuries to the muscles and tendons. This is because massage relieves harmful tension and inflammation and brings better circulation to the affected area. Be sure to tell your therapist about the injury so that they can treat it accordingly.

Releases serotonin and endorphins from the brain. These are the bodys natural feel-good hormones. People who have elevated levels of these hormones feel happy and exuberant. They are also very effective at relieving pain. This is of great benefit to anyone, especially people suffering with chronic disease. If you are prone to depression you will find a degree of relief by receiving a regular massage. This is because of the release of these natural hormones along with the relaxation of the body.

Makes the skin healthier and more vibrant. Vigorous massage brings new life into tired, old looking skin. Fresh nutrients and oxygen are delivered to the skin resulting in a healthy glow. A massage per week can keep your skin looking its best, deep into old age. Also, because the therapist uses a lotion to aid in the massage your skin becomes fully moisturised, leading to greater elasticity and a reduction of wrinkles.

Increases self image and body confidence: Because massage has a toning effect on the skin many feel there skin becomes tighter and toner. When we look good we feel good and this has a knock on effect on every part of our lives.

Medical/physical issues: Massage can play a big part in correcting medical issues. Digestion, for example can become low and sluggish for many reasons. Massage is fantastic for kick starting the system into working efficiently.

These are only some of the many healing benefits of massage. When we relax and de-stress we allow our body time to repair and to heal.

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