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Put Spring in your Step… and Goals in your Grasp

This empowering interactive workshop is exactly what will bring you to new levels of achieving you goals and dreams whether they are big or small.  Over four evening workshops you will learn how your mind works, and the importance of developing a two-way communication between you conscious and your subconscious mind.  We will explore why you may have blocks or feel you want more structure with deciding on goals, and see if there is something limiting you.

By understanding and implementing The Law of Attraction we will start small and manifest with a plan towards the bigger dreams.
Becoming mindful and present in the moment will amplify and accelerate the tools and exercises you will be taking part in. You will see results immediately and have fun developing your own style of manifesting.

“I’ve just completed one of Orla’s courses and have already signed up for another. In a short space of time I have learned so much from her and she is a wealth of knowledge and full of help. I would definitely recommend working with her.” S.S

We will examine your current behaviours, inner dialogue and habits and set about changing these so you become AWARE of what you are currently UNAWARE of.

You will also receive a full hypnotic experience to the value of €100 which will kick start your motivation and embed every thing you will have learned. you new mindset will become automatic and you will love this new you.

This course is suitable for you whether you are new to the Law of Attraction principles or you have already being applying them.  Simply, the Law of Attraction says that you will attract into your life whatever you focus on. Whatever you give your energy and attention to will come back to you. So, if you stay focused on the good and positive things in your life, you will automatically attract more good and positive things into your life.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful to finally have the confidence and know how to do all of this?

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5-Step Fertility Booster Course

  • Are you on a new fertility journey or have you been for a while?
  • Are you fed up of the constant wondering “What if”?
  • Are you ready to change your mindset, bring balance back into your life and take control?

If you answered yes to more than one of the above, then this is the course for you!  Join me for The 5 Step Fertility Booster Course and RESET your MINDSET around fertility.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the online course I attended last week on how to Boost my fertility. It just makes sense. Thanks so much



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Over the past 10 years I have helped many couples on their fertility journey with some fabulous success stories. I have seen many struggle with maintaining a balance between the clinical aspects of trying to get pregnant and remaining positive to enjoy the process. Whether you are trying to conceive naturally or with medical intervention the setbacks and disappointments can really have a negative effect on your mental wellness.

Rediscover the part of you and your relationship you had forgotten about.  Learn how to listen to what your body and mind needs, starting with self-care.  Shift those unwanted thought around conceiving.  Understand the negative effect stress has on conceiving and change it to a better feeling.  This online course includes the following;

* Daily LIVE Video in a Private Facebook group
* introduction to techniques and exercises to help eliminate stress
* Daily tasks to help form new positive habits
* Support from like-minded people
* Daily email from me with a recap of the Live Lesson, the tasks, exercises and top advice.
* Personalised guided meditation, just for you.

Just imagine letting go of fertility stress and instead, taking your next steps on your journey, with excitement and clarity towards parenthood. This 5 Day Reset will guide you to concentrate on changing the emphasis, direction and focus from anything which is limiting you to positive, excitement and abundance.

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Online Wellness Coaching

What is the process?

I blend a combination of Hypnosis, NLP Techniques and Emotional Freedom Technique which is an effective and quick way to address certain issues or behaviours you wish to change or improve.

Unlike some other therapies and modalities, results tend to be quick and can take between 4-6 sessions in some cases. 

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